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2022 Recipients

2022 was special

Please join us all in congratulating the following individuals on receiving the 2022 Maureen LaFontaine Spirit Award and read their comments on what this tremendous honor meant to them. . .

“I was moved to tears when receiving this recognition. I am overwhelmed and grateful for the generous gifts, but more grateful to work for and work with people who appreciate and honor each other every day. I feel Maureen’s Spirit with each project I produce and know she would be proud.” – Joe Senac, Creative Production Manager

“I am beyond grateful to be a nominee this year for the Maureen LaFontaine Spirit Award. Maureen lived by her motto of “faith, family and friends” and I strive to continue her tradition within my stores for years to come. We preach the “The Family Deal” and Madre is in our thoughts every day. The life lessons she taught us through her actions we strive to replicate within our store. I pour her passion and huge heart into our employees, and they know how much they mean to me. I am beyond grateful to be nominated for this award along with the other individuals that will carry on her legacy for years to come. I was blown away by having the whole store and my peers nominate me for this prestigious award and honored to lead this team. I know Maureen would be proud of the culture we’ve been able to establish at Birch Run and I am grateful to be able to carry on her legacy ❤ ” – Jon Bauer, General Manager

“First, this year has been very special to me. I celebrated my 25th year working for the best group of people possible; The LaFontaine Family! I was shocked and humbled when my name was announced as being a recipient. I try every day to be positive and to help make a difference. Maureen was in the office every day when I first started, and she showed all of us how important every customer was and how we need to treat everyone like family. To be honored with this award made me feel appreciated and respected to carry out what she started and how she believed how important family really is to everyone that she touched. I will do my very best to continue carrying her passion, pride, and legacy in my daily routine. Ryan and Kelley LaFontaine are the best examples of her legacy. Words are hard to come by to explain how honored and humbled I am to receive this award.” – Henri Kenneweg, Sales Professional

“Maureen LaFontaine made a lasting impression on me when she welcomed me to the family on my first day. The direction she pointed this company in by making Family the most important part of it is the best part of working here. To say I am honored seems like a small statement for how I truly feel knowing that one of my family members would nominate me for an award that represents her spirit and class as a person.” – Gary Carte, Parts Manager

“I felt, and feel so incredibly blessed and honored to receive the Maureen Spirit award. It touches my heart to know that my heart has touched a coworker’s heart so much that they felt compelled to nominate me. Maureen was an amazing, passionate, loving, generous and kind soul. I carry her spirit with me each and every day, spreading her love and light.– Casey Jacobsen, Grassroots Manager

“I am truly honored, humbled, and grateful to be recognized as a Maureen LaFontaine Spirt Award winner this year. To be acknowledged by my peers for my efforts each day at work is something that I will never forget; something that I will be always proud of, and something that will always make me strive to continue to put in the same passion and effort each and every day for the entire LaFontaine Automotive Group. Furthermore, to be recognized as one of the winners of this significant award, puts me in company with a tremendous group of people; both this year’s winners, and all of those before us. I am proud to be a part of this group and will always wear my pin with pride. I couldn’t have ever accomplished this though without those around me; from my team members to all the people that I interact with every day. It’s what we do together, that makes this beautiful machine keep moving forward. Thank you again for this great acknowledgement! It’s a very proud moment in my life, and one that I will do all that I can to live up to.” – Chris Tyree, I.T. Manager

“I am so honored and humbled to have received this award. I knew from the moment I interviewed that this workplace was going to be different in comparison to any other position I’ve had. From the LaFontaine Family themselves, to my colleagues that surround me, and my amazing team within, I have felt the love from day one; I feel at home when I’m here. Sometimes I pinch myself knowing how my position has evolved and how grateful I am… originally coming in as a previous stay-at-home mom, I was looking for part-time work that would provide me with an outlet. Because of my team, colleagues, and the family believing in me, it has transpired into so much more. I love this team, this family, and the career I have had the opportunity to grow with. Thank you for this honor!” – Alisha Brown, Oh La La Bistro Manager

“Prizes and gifts aside, this award represents the recognition from your peers. It shares their perspective and allows you to look in the mirror and be reminded that what you’re doing daily is, indeed, making a difference each day… Making a difference in the workplace, and making a difference in people’s lives! I am humbled and grateful to receive this award and recognition from my peers this year. I have some of the best teammates out there and that allows me the time and ability to do what I do. Without them, I’m just average! Thank you for this recognition.” – Chris Lavery, Parts Director

“I am extremely honored to have received the 2022 Maureen LaFontaine Spirit Award. It was a special moment in time being surrounded and recognized by my fellow coworkers. I cannot express enough just how much this recognition means to me and I am truly grateful.” – Erin McClain, Corporate Controller

“This award recognition was special and took me by surprise! I have been working at LaFontaine Subaru for almost two years now and truly feel lucky. The people I work with are great and I am proud to be a part of this team. I am very grateful to receive this recognition from my peers.” – Seif Altwal, Porter

“It truly is an honor to get this award. I remember Maureen coming in to the dealership and going around giving hugs and thanks to everyone… she was such a gentle soul. I am so blessed to have known her and am blessed to have the opportunity to work for such great people here at LaFontaine! I still can’t wrap my head around it; however, I always say “no good deeds go unnoticed” and when I was given the award, I couldn’t believe that it was me! It’s for sure such a humbling experience and I can’t thank everyone enough for taking the time out of their day to vote for me – I still can’t believe I got it! Thank you for this honor.” – Robert Halfacre, Sales Professional

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