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2020 Recipients

Congratulations to Nicole Chamberlain, Shelly Schmidt, Mike Walls, Melanie LaFontaine, Mike Zasadny, Diann Harris, Emily Rundel, Mike Law, Victoria Lopez and Blake Duvall for receiving recognition by their peers for our first ever Maureen LaFontaine Spirit Award!

Please join us all in congratulating the following individuals on receiving the 2020 Maureen LaFontaine Spirit Award and read their comments on what this tremendous honor meant to them. . .

“Thank you for this incredible recognition. I hope I can live up to Maureen’s Legacy and continue to make things happen in her honor! – Nicole Chamberlain

“I am very honored and grateful to be one of the recipients of the Maureen LaFontaine Spirit Award. This award means the world to me because Maureen meant the world to me. I can’t wait to watch it grow.” – Shelly Schmidt

“Wow! This is such an honor. Maureen has always been someone I have looked up to. ‘A life of love is a life lived’ – she did just that! She loved all of us and poured her passion and care into all of us. I often think of her and hear her voice as I walk through the dealership. She has inspired us all in some way. I miss her dearly and am truly honored for this recognition.” – Mike Walls

” It was such an honor to be recognized as someone who embodies characteristics of Maureen. I was taken by surprise to know that my peers had thought of me for this! I feel very blessed to receive an honor for something that represents someone who is so special to our hearts. This is something that has humbled me and has allowed for me to reflect on the people I have worked with over the last 5 years. With each encounter I’ve had, I’ve learned something that has lead me to my next step. I am always reminded by the family and many others within that passion pushes you forward, to always lead with your heart, and to be someone with integrity. This award reminds me to be someone who encourages and empowers other to follow their passion, just as Maureen always did. I am very grateful for this. . . We love you, Maureen!” – Melanie LaFontaine

“Maureen and Mike LaFontaine have inspired me to do what I do in the best way possible each and every day. I’ve learned from Maureen and will continue to lead with love and hugs, just as she once did! To follow in Maureen’s footsteps means to lead to success. I will continue to do my best on Maureen’s behalf. Thank you for this recognition.” – Mike Zasadny

“I never really expected this. I always wanted to give back to someone else, just as Maureen always did. Maureen was an inspiration to me. . . I always wanted to be like her when I grew up! She was the best person to me and I feel very grateful for this recognition. I lover her and the LaFontaine Family dearly. Thank you for this honor!” – Diann Harris

“To be nominated for such an award is an honor. Working for the LaFontaine Family has made a tremendous impact on my life and career. Maureen was such an inspiration. I am humbled to know that people saw things in me that resonated with her spirit. 2020 has been a hard year for us all. . . It made what I do 100 times more worth it to just be nominated for this award! Working for this company and being a part of this family has changed my life more than you know. Thank you so much for this honor!” – Emily Rundel

“I was completely taken back and honored to be a recipient of the first ever Maureen LaFontaine Spirit Award. ‘Ma’ as I called her, impacted my career tremendously. I think of both her and Mike Sr. as my second parents. . . she showed me how to care with all of my heart about all my people (just as she once did). Lead with passion and pour into your people, just as she poured into me and saw something in myself that I could not see. To be held in this high of regard by my peers left me utterly speechless. I am certain Ma is smiling down on all of us. I am so grateful to be a part of this team. I love you all!” – Mike Law

“To be recognized for this award by my peers is truly an honor. It is those who nominated me that are the reason for my success, because I would know nothing in this business without them! I am deeply humbled and forever grateful to be a part of this team and to have had the pleasure of meeting a woman as vivacious, strong, smart and as caring as Maureen. She is truly an example I will always strive to live up to and follow. Congratulations to all of my fellow peers who won, as well. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing company!” – Victoria Lopez

“I was completely surprised when I was recognized for the Spirit Award. . . it took my breath away! I love to see our guests in the showroom looking at the new vehicles on the floor. I take pride in keeping the cars and trucks looking their best and get just as excited as our customers do when they buy their new vehicle! I am grateful to the LaFontaine Family and everyone I work with. . . Thank you for this honor! – Blake Duvall

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